Basic Bees

When a normal human gets conned into fucking with a Basic Bee that “relationship” never goes the distance. I had the extreme displeasure of battling this species of “human” the last nine months since my crazy ex-wife ensconced a Basic Bro with minimal social skills at the center of my son’s world while blowing up the only reality O’s ever known. Awful to realize the woman you invested so much love and attention in was never worth it. I did get my boy out of the deal, so Jason’s the big winner after all.

My son’s mom went out of her way to limit his time with me while shacking up with Boyfriend from word one and giving him total freedom to act the fool with my son at every opportunity. She claims he’s some kind of role model, but this “Teacher” has yet to inspire O in a way that doesn’t involve exaggerated facial expressions, butchering pronunciation of basic words and an arrogant take on giving unbidden feedback that is usually wrong. I’ve come to recognize the chiding tone of voice, and it’s one my son never used before meeting the guy. Duder went out of his way to change my amazing boy into a Basic Brat rather than getting to know and love the person O already was when he entered the narrative in the middle of a play well underway. Pathetic confirmation of low expectations and a lack of common sense. Still not impressed. Doubt I ever will be. Mommy hasn’t acted any better. Rather than treating me like the man she claimed to love for a decade, she ostracized me to the greatest extent possible within a joint custody agreement. When she couldn’t totally deprive my son of being with his Daddy, she lied about every interaction we had, forcing us to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees that would’ve been much better spent on our son. More ignoble behavior but for much more outrageous outcomes. You don’t just treat the father of your son that way when he’s done nothing to deserve it. I did the exact opposite of anything to deserve it. I went out of my way to be a good dad and support my ex’s personal and professional efforts at each and every turn.

Basic Bro. Something my son will never be and a cliche his mom is desperate to turn him into. She knows he is much more my son than hers by dint of dominant genetic traits as well as being a stay-at-home dad until he was 15 months old and at least 50-percent of the time with me after that. We’ve been bonded since he was placed on my bare chest in the recovery room fifteen minutes after birth. The fact that she would pick my complete opposite to “replace” me tells me all I need to know about how much she values my contributions to the unique and amazing kid my son will always be despite whatever Basic Bro influences he’s been exposed to and pantomimed incessantly the last four months. His therapist will help rebuild the boundaries his mom destroyed in August 2019.

A global pandemic and racial justice protests feel like an appropriate soundtrack for my life. I take a lot of hope for the future from the chaos beyond my walls. The quiet desperation inside them is where my optimism wears thin. As long as the Parenting Consultant decide O stays at his current school and we maintain the 50-50 parenting schedule indefinitely, I’m done with these Basic Bees but for court-ordered holiday transfers and birthdays. Daddy out.

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