Now that we’ve reached the end of this rough stretch of road, exploring a dark wilderness of broken dreams, hidden secrets and missed opportunities, I’m excited to find peace and equilibrium on the superhighway stretching ahead in the distance. Homeostasis achieved. It was touch and go, but a hero rose to save his city. O provided strength and focus and a bevy of custom-made Lego weapons to help Daddy finally defeat Mr. Hyde.

There’s nothing they can’t do together. Absolutely nothing. Challenges remain, of course, but they are very solvable. One way or another, things will work out for the best. The next crux point is where to pivot this website. I’ve said everything I should have said years ago. Accepted the truth of my past in order to free-up tomorrow for a slew of brighter maybes. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no guesswork in that arena. The future is purposely a blankslate, waiting for each individual to etch their story in as much honest detail as they can muster before it melds with the stories of others to transform into something organic and unexpected.

I’ll always envision reality as I’d like to see it, of course, but no longer think I can bring it into being on my own, though I can definitely make sure it doesn’t happen all by myself. I realize the road ahead is fraught with unknowns precisely because other people are involved, their reality intertwined with mine and impacting the final narrative in all sorts of interesting and unpredictable ways. It is a fool’s errand to worry about the myriad of possibilities that may or may not come into being. Worse. That way lies madness. I know. I just escaped from that sad and lonely place. I’m not about to go back.

Anything less than my newfound freedom makes me nauseous and willing to make any sacrifice to avoid relapse. Once I exposed my ego for the liar and trickster that he was, falling back under his spell feels impossible, though individual results may vary when using my Extreme Psyche Makeover methodology. I plan to continue and expand this incredible journey by way of the many other relationships in my life that I am eager to heal and explore to greater depths. There are so many stories left to be told. This one remains unresolved for now. Sadly. I’ll let you know when that is no longer the case, whatever the denouement might bring.

Thanks for reading! Please check out tomorrow’s installment, Papa. Not hard to guess what that one’s about.