Another battle lost and the war continues unabated. Each and every issue I’ve mentioned, except one, has been dismissed by our court-appointed Parenting Consultant. Dude keeps smacking me down and insisting I give my ex-wife every benefit of the doubt for her “worries” with no corresponding admonition for her to do the same with mine. This is a shit fucking process so far. One that gives short shrift to the facts or fairness much less baseline standards of behavior and what’s truly best for O. Not at all what I was led to expect. More on fixing that injustice to follow.

Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to encourage a little white kid to use the phrase Dis-Nay-Nay when describing his new Disney board game as long as it’s a black guy doing the Teaching. Nothing racist or misogynist to see here says our PC in response to my concerns. Just move on and accept this new status quo. Your ex is allowed to do all this illogical bullshit you documented ad nauseum. Let it go, bro. You can’t clean her kitchen anymore, Jason. Not sure what to take away from that advice. Some other dude is doing dishes now? Um, yeah. I noticed.

I’ve been shown zero respect for my role as O’s father. Zero respect shown for the court order my ex-wife signed in December of 2017 and followed without complaint for nearly two years. This mug hasn’t “stayed in his lane” in any way, shape or form for more than nine months now. I’m also fairly certain the PC didn’t consult a single black woman before rendering that official opinion. I should have just doubled-down on my attorney and went back to court. At least I could have presented my evidence, forced her to present her own, and then let a judge decide who’s telling the truth.

I may have to do that depending on how the PC comes down on uprooting O from his school and daycare, in direct contradiction to our divorce decree and basic logic. My son has seen far too many changes. This would be one change too many. Perhaps the PC will apply the same “abundance of caution” measure to this decision as he did when leaving the lopsided “school year parenting schedule” in place until June 5 despite schools being closed for the last two months and his life at his mom’s being strange at best, highly dysfunctional at worst. Whatever happened to an abundance of caution as it relates to reasonable boundaries? My one hope is that my son will get a reprieve from this constant flux and adaptation. It’s beyond time for a return to homeostasis.

One fact remains abundantly clear. My ex will use unreasonable doubt and flagrant insincerity as weapons against me. She lets Match.com Boyfriend take whatever boundary-breaking liberties he chooses no matter the negative impacts to our son. Dysfunction Junction is perfectly acceptable under the law. If the PC comes back with anything other than O staying put at his current school and maintaining a 50-50 parenting schedule, I’ll be going in a very different direction. For now. though, my charge from friends and family alike is to find a calm center where none of this shit touches my son. Learn to better understand what doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things and what is dreadfully important today. Then let it the fuck go. Roger that.

Absent better data, I can stand down and keep my powder dry. Hold fast. For as long as it takes.