Bringing this emotion-laden tome to a close should be much easier than the sum of the tears and time it took to reach this place. The meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything is quite clear to me now. The soul put into my care six years ago deserves every ounce of empathy, intelligence and strength I can muster for the next thousand years. You might think that’s hyperbole, but O and I have discussed living “forever” should the human race survive the climate crisis and fully develop the technology already within our grasp.

The Basic Bees took their last horrible shot today at recrafting the “official” narrative to suit their purposes of removing me from the center of my son’s life by way of America’s broken family court system. That effort failed when the judge dismissed the harassment case against me for a total lack of evidence. Expensive lesson to learn about who I can and can’t trust. Those lines are crystal clear now and laid down with all the finality that blocking or unfriending people on Facebook can deliver. People I never wanted to block or unfriend in the first place and many didn’t deserve it, but the purge required a clean slate. She ensured that was my only recourse given the circumstances.

While I would have appreciated a saner transition from Limbo to Life, it’s the journey that was important not the details of its passing. Those I leave behind me as important milestones to have reached and never see again. Moving into the future with more foresight and less hindsight is the first benefit of shackling my ego. Quicker recovery from mistakes still made is the next. I assume many more will follow if I stay humble and human. That’s not to say I should fade into the woodwork with the rest of humanity, but I always needed to find a way to temper my connection to the Universal Ohm with a more compassionate understanding of my fellow travelers.

First and foremost among them is my son. O didn’t ask to be brought into this world, this chaos, both at home and beyond these walls. He had as much of an expectation for civility as I did and dealt with its lack with much more aplomb than his father. There is a blessed ignorance of adult context that I miss from being a child in circumstances far harsher than his. As a Daddy now, I am forever thankful he can simply brush most of this off his shoulders and out of his mind. I’d be surprised if this last year of craziness with me and his mom registers over the long run. All the other worldwide events will likely leave a much greater impact.